A tale so epic, it took twenty years to perfect. The most anticipated gameVAPORWARE of all time. The Magic Circle is the long-awaited modern successor to the classic text adventure of the same name. Available now in [Early Access on Vapor]!


Return of a Game God

STARFATHER (a.k.a. Ishmael "Ish" GilderDELUDED HAS-BEEN , mild-mannered game designer who won't let us call him a genius) has been reborn! The legendary author of the original award-winning text adventure,The Magic Circle - has returned to bring everything you have ever imagined to life. A team of the finest developers in the world have flocked to his banner, rendering every inch of The Magic Circle's world in dazzling, real-time 3d.

Procedural Perfection

Our world-class tech team has been charged with the task of generating miles of high fantasy terrainHORSESH!T at run time, without sacrificing visual fidelity! Every dungeon, denizen, and piece of gear has been randomly generated, yet seems as specific as a prop from a Hollywood blockbuster. The way you experience the world of Mæsen is utterly unique - no two players will emerge with the same tale to tell.

Choose Your Legacy

Every NPC is generated dynamically from a unique "genetic" code, so - as the Hero - each decision you make not only alters your fate, but that of your children, and their children. Our proprietary love & resentment model allows your entire family tree to seek you out and share their unique emotional stance with you. Do you listen patiently, or name them illegitimate and have them gelded? The choice is yours...if you can hold the throne.BELIEVE THIS CRAP

You Are The World*

Anyone you encounter in The Magic Circle could be controlled by a real, live person. Or not! As STARFATHER himself says, "doubt is the soul of mysteryI AM FAILURE INCARNATE." Other heroes are free to enter your world and affect your story, just as you are free to change theirs. Our narrative team aggregates all of your decisions and re-writes the world story to encompass all you have accomplished. This allows The Magic Circle to be a rich, deeply personal story about you - and everyone you know.

After bending the primordial creative force of the Magic Circle into a ring, STARFATHER parts earth from sky.

After bending the primordial creative force of the Magic Circle into a ring, STARFATHER parts earth from sky.

*Legally, we are obligated to inform you that everyone else is also the World.